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Ricky's ringtones and video
download, share, customize, use and have fun.

Google RINGTONE (mp3)

Google RINGTONE (m4r)

You can also
do your own

Ricky's Blank Music bed (mp3)

( he owns the music )

Use Audacity to add your voice.

Why you never use Zedge.

...and he says, have fun and see who can do the nicest Ricky ask for Google's help. Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes, Ambassadors, Generals and warriors

.......everywhere and use his music with your own voice and language and ask Google for their help, with Ricky's words*

and keep it humourous and never threatening and spread it all around the planet.

*Use only Ricky's words.
"Google. Ricky McMountain is asking for your help on a paradigm shift thats good for all on this planet and he's not looking for money, (stop words here, if long) just your thinking and help. (second stop words here, if long) Thank You."
Ricky say's .. Thank You!