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The history of Ricky McMountain.
also known as - Richard Hirtle

.... My name is Richard Hirtle, HBA, Richard Ivey 1979, University of Western Ontario, the man who created and is Ricky McMountain. As myself and then as Ricky McMountain I set records that remain unbeaten anywhere on this planet well over 20 and 30 years later and was in on some of the top corporate decisions being made, quietly behind the scenes.

Every company grew far faster than any of their competitors.
Aamco Transmissions Wayne Krangle
Adams Garage Doors Ezio Stirpe
Advanced Roofing Kevin Smith
Barwood Flooring Scotty Wells, Vito DiFranco
Bunk House Jake Anhang
Elite Upholstry Steve Kessel
Fosters Aluminum John Foster
George Kent - George Kent
Giant Carpet Jerry Piltzmaker
Giant Carpet Jerry Piltzmaker
Giant Carpet Jerry Piltzmaker
Karki Solariums Joe Karki
Metric 1 & GTA HVAC Attilio Monaco
Metric2 HVAC Attilio Monaco
Metric3 HVAC Attilio Monaco
Northway Robert Lewis
Plumbing For You Dave Greenburg
Technovac Ray Campeau
Torwin Scott McNair
Century 21 Chartland Realty
Salco Patio Furniture
Cousins Carpets
Proven Performer stickers
David Craig Logo
House King City
Mel Lastman Mayor of Toronto
Millennium Advisory Board
Brian Pearman Genisis Millennium
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University Transcripts
Alvin Toffler His wife and me
Michael Wilson Finance Minister Canada
Winston Churchill MP and me
Yitsak Rabine and me