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The true story of Ricky McMountain.

How His Quest Began.

Ricky McMountain simply appeared in Toronto one day thinking ‘I will always do best for all, by simply telling the truth, along with proper thinking, would guarantee the best outcomes at all times, every time and using ‘I will not be an oops-hit’ as his manual.

He set about proving that

...and he proved that many times over with records set of high magnitude and standards, records that still stand 20 or more years later. He saw he was receiving, ‘love like’ feelings from many of the people of Toronto, for simply recommending really good home improvement companies and ensuring they were just that. He knew that, by inviting everyone to talk to him personally, and then he simply listened, till he fully understood, their thoughts and thinking.

His philosophy is this:

Simply tell the truth, along with your proper thinking and proper listening, while using a simple manual which says 'I will not be an oops-hit’, works, all the time, every time.

... It’s that simple.

It takes practice and time to listen properly and think properly to understand the thinking you are receiving. It’s that simple. Humans exchange their thinking by words, images are converted to words in thought.

...He knew the power proper listening and proper thinking would have on everything including his civilizations speed of moving forward and upwards. So he set upon his quest for answers. He decided to start by learning from evolution onwards what was the exact core requirements of an idea to be.

Like the idea of civilization

which requires three pillars, finance, justice and commerce, to exist, nothing else required, anything else is add on.

During his quest

he was given some thoughts and help in realm thinking, an idea of thinking, like his own, yet better, that enabled any human to understand the core of any problem, regardless of complexity or size. He was given some thought and some rules, just like his own, which require 100% certainty before doing,