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Why help bring the world together for a
Brute Force attack on Alzheimer's
and a
Brute Force attack on Global Warming?

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You media people have aided in facts being twisted and false information being posed as truth. The media has confused many people. Many do not understand the real facts and many have given up trying to seperate fact from fiction. Media you all need to undo the damage you have done. You can help demonize bad behaviour, bad thinking and those who deny or subvert facts. You can help get the media you work for to stop promoting deniers and help he world understand the facts surrounding Alzheimer's (dementia). What trouble it will cause and why. People need to understand the facts about Global Warming and why it will cause massive social upheaval and extinction. Stop calling it climate change. Climate change is the outcome Global Warming has on everyone's local weather. Climate change does not cause Global Warming, Global warming causes local weather patterns all over the world to change over time!

Everyone needs to understand.
Alzheimer's will lead to huge social, family and Government costs that will hurt everyone if it is not tamed. To date all attempts to cure, delay or stabilize it has failed.

This page details the Brute Force Alzheimer's study and the Billionaires Bunker,

People need to understand Global Warming.
Facts say that we are headed directly for near term extinction. The ocean's food chains are starting to fail. Leaving us a short window of time to fix this or it's over. No one can escape. Use the blanket analogy, it makes Global Warming easy to understand.

This page details the Global Warming FACTS.

People around the world are becoming restless.
Media you can help by using your voice to stop promoting stories and ideas designed to subvert or usurp actual facts. People need facts and proper discussion about how to attack Global Warming. They also need to know that it can be mitigated with concerted efforts.