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The covid-19 question?

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Why are we not talking about this?

Research strongly indicates that reducing covid-19 severity, duration, death rates & recurrence may be as simple as high dose Vitamin D3. Multiple research studies suggest: D3 does not stop you from getting sick it simply stops you from getting really sick. It reduces duration and severity of colds, flu's and may reduce severity of many other diseases. Research links and Google searches are just below so you can learn for yourself.

I do not understand why there is no thinking on improving peoples immune systems to better fight covid-19. Why are leaders thinking only drugs, vaccines, blood plasma or social isolation can fight covid-19? Drugs, vaccines and blood plasma are years away from large scale usage. Isolation is a temporary solution, it slows the spread but leaves the vast majority open to Covid-19's recurrence. Covid-19 will recur. Virus are saved by freezing them. Is it possible that all the frozen goods are virus free, all the Covid-19 virus spread all across the planet will be rendered inactive? Not a chance.

We are all going to be infected sooner or later. My huge fear is "the new normal" everyone is talking about will occur. In my mind this will be an economic and human well being disaster. No economy can thrive without tourism, most business cannot thrive without close human interactions and most people cannot thrive well without close human contact.

Science indicates, as does my experience, that high dose oral vitamin D3 properly administered will likely work and keep us from having to endure "the new normal". And it is very inexpensive and easy to do.

These are my predictions.
High dose oral D3 will;

Try this test.

If that works for covid-19 it will work for every flu season and the next pandemic. There is nothing to lose in determining this link and everything to gain.

Each hospital could do their own testing and get their own data within days.

For over 15 years I conducted a small informal study on Vitamin D. D is used by many of our bodies cells/processes. It is also used by the microbes comprising your gut micro-biome. A proper gut biome has between 8,000 and 10,000 different microbes. Study participants all took 2000 to 6000IU of D3 (cholecalciferol, availiable anywhere) daily with food containing fat and calcium. This is a slow method of raising D25-Hydroxy vitamin D levels. I personally did a 600,000IU single dose and have had no ill effects. The average healthy male uses 3000-5000IU per day. I continue to take 6000IU per day.

Study Results: Participants did not get the flu or bad colds to any serious degree. Rarely was there any exception to this. When flu's or colds were rampant around us, participants symptoms were mild, if any, lasting for 1-3 days. This was consistent every year including the flu's and colds that have taken 4-8 weeks for their friends and co-workers to recover from. It looks like D enhances/speeds the immune system response and keeps it strong enough to keep the virus/microbe at lower levels until the immune system develops antibodies/defenses for the particular virus/microbe. This study is anecdotal, however, bear in mind that many new findings have been found thru anecdotal studies and numerous other scientific studies show much the same about D's effect as we saw.

This study came about as I learned of an interesting study on death statistic's. The study showed deaths from influenza (flu) peaked in the winter and declined in the summer months. (That is now widely known) Deaths occurred at the same time all around the world. Interestingly, this trend was stable thru history over many years, even before air travel began, when horse and buggy where the only means of land travel. The only common change was sun intensity. D is only created by the body when sunshine (solar radiation) is very intense. That's around 3 months a year in northern countries and providing sunblock is NOT used.

I am convinced that surviving covid-19 can be greatly increased if your D levels are high. D does not stop you from getting sick it simply reduces duration and severity.

Use these Google searches to learn from.

Google search:
research high dose oral D3
300000IU or 500000IU or 600000IU

Google search:
+research on cholecalciferol influenza

Google search:
research on vitamin D3
cholecalciferol on covid-19

Pubmed: D3 and influenza by a Canadian Doctor
Read 3rd 4th and 5th paragraph

Pubmed: Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation
Could Reduce Risk of Influenza
and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths.

ScienceDaily: Vitamin D levels appear
to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates

Google search:
Higher blood levels of vitamin D
reduces influenza and colds

Google search:
+research on cholecalciferol
gut micro biome

Google search:
Is vitamin D effective
against the flu?

Google search:
hong kong doctors recovered
coronavirus patients have glassy lungs

Google search:
research high dose oral D3 results
in 25-hydroxy levels in blood after 24 hours

END of Covid-19