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Why help in a
Brute Force attack on Alzheimer's
and a
Brute Force attack on Global Warming?

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You can help demonize bad behaviour, bad thinking and those who deny or subvert facts. People are confused and many do not know what the truth and facts are. You can help get the media to stop promoting deniers and help he world understand the trouble Alzheimer's (dementia) will cause and that Global Warming will cause massive social upheaval and extinction unless we deal with it immediately.

Entertainers demonize these with humour and facts.

say global warming is a hoax & science is all wrong. Anyone still thinking this way is factually uneducated, or paid to be stupid and ignor facts.

say I will be dead before this all happens so I do not care. The lowest of low moral character.

do not think ‘we’ causing civilization to lose sight of what matters, cause integrity to disappear, encourage bad behaviour to flourish and degrade civiliizations to extinction.

stupidly say their small effort will have no effect & do nothing, thus creating other Zilch-oids. They do not understand "billions of small efforts equals massive total effort". They help our extinction by breeding inaction. They are planet killers.

are constant no’s & can’ts because, because, because & stall thought. They cause others to give up in dismay or despair. They stall or skew civilizations proper direction and advancement. Very bad.

Saying Yes +but.. An idiotic evolutionary caused use of logic - called 'the niggly'. It degrades thought. Yes-buts pull thought downwards, often to why it cannot be done. So nothing advances. Yes-buts damage the thinking process of everyone. Yes and... heads thought upwards and solutions. Yes-buts pull thinking downward towards exctinction.

Wha-tiffies constantly spew ‘what If’s’ "something bad happens". They stall upward thinking & sow confusion. Often giving ZERO credit to everyone’s common sense.

Obvi’s state the obvious & stall thought & often give ZERO credit to common sense.

spew idiotic thoughts which often have nothing to do with the thinking at hand. This pulls thinking sideways which stalls forward thought progress.

Demonize bad thinking. Demonize with humour. Bad types of thinking are of no use in any situation. Throw them all into the past where they belong!

Everyone needs to understand.
Alzheimer's will lead to huge social, family and Government costs that will hurt everyone if it is not tamed. To date all attempts to cure, delay or stabilize it has failed.

This page details the Brute Force Alzheimer's study and the Billionaires Bunker,

People need to understand Global Warming.
Facts say that we are headed directly for near term extinction. The ocean's food chains are starting to fail. Leaving us a short window of time to fix this or it's over. No one can escape.

This page details the Global Warming FACTS.

People around the world are becoming restless.
Entertainers you can help by using your voice to stop bad thinking and behaviour. And you can encourage media's to stop promoting stupid denial oops-hit.