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The true story of Ricky McMountain.

My name is Richard Hirtle, HBA, Richard Ivey 1979, the man who created and is Ricky McMountain. As Richard Hirtle and again as Ricky McMountain I cleaned-up the home improvement and services sector and set standards of corporate behaviour and success that remain unbeaten anywhere on this planet well over 30 years later. Today I see our civilization is a complete mess, with everyone angry, confused, pointing blame at others and not knowing quite what to do.

Now after many years of thinking about how to help fix this mess, I have a thought, a chat with everyone on this planet.

Ricky's chat would be fully video* recorded, last about 14 days. Every four hours an update will be live broadcast including asking for answers to questions. Questions would be answered world-wide via camera and video of people holding up their yes or no answers.

Chat rules and attitude are always:
100% truth + 100% transparent
+ 100% integrity + 100% honesty
+ 100% open + 100% accurate
+ 100% clarity of thought.
+ large humour.
In other words no bad behaviours at all.
Ricky McMountain type of behaviour at all times.

Now, How can I convince you and Toronto to get behind me to do this and give my thoughts on fixing this mess. I am not looking for money. Any ideas?

This is the question I would start with ..

"Do you want a high citizen involvement or a high surveillance civilization?" and then decide how to do so, ...and then do it.

Thoughts: A trial with university professors and students and see what they learn and what we learn.

...I am certain that:
or IBM and others
all could be the helper.

An example of the chat
.... using Google as the "helper".

The chat will be videod* and live for the first hour or so, so you can watch, with Sam Sebastian, Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and 10-14 googlers, ( specifications to follow ) including one quantum type thinker and then we simply listen to you and report progess every four hours. Everything will be recorded so you can watch it all later.

*video* all video recording equipment must be in the room and visable. Voice and video channels must be seperate for translations for use on video hosts, like YouTube or by any media or person that wants it.