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Multi discipline Deep sleep Dementia study


Dementia study. Do deep sleep chambers + good food + feeling safe and secure increase the bodies brain cleaning system & repair? What impact on other diseases is seen?

Why am I doing this study?

I know people who are exhibiting early stage signs of dementia. They are extremely worried about where they might end up and are worried about running out of money. Our scientific knowledge on human disease is now quite extensive. Yet we still have no concrete plans to deal with huge numbers of dementia patients. We just do not know what works long term. We do not know if dementia can be reversed or slowed. So I did alot of research and to me and many others it is quite clear that dementia and a host of other disease is related to deep sleep, nutrition and very importantly related to the psycholological feelings of safety, security and lack of worries. Thus this study.

Sleep study Overview

This study that will answer the question. Can disease (dementia in particular) be slowed, stopped or reversed in patients who get nightly deep sleep, sound nutrition and who psychologically feel safe and secure.

This is a four year study. It brings together knowledge from Sleep Science, Physiological science and Psychological science. Together they define all the requirements for deep sleep (the only phase of sleep where brain cleaning occurs). Nutritional science defines good nutrition.

The science

Deep sleep

Deep sleep is a special state of sleep. It is the only state of sleep where your brain starts a special cleaning and repair process which is completely unlike any other cleaning and repair process in your body. Science strongly suggests that lack of deep sleep causes the brain to clog which causes dementia and other motor control disease and issues. Additionally science strongly suggests that diabetes, weight gain, cancer and a host of other ailments are directly related to lack of deep sleep. Science says: Anyone not obtaining adequate deep sleep is more open to disease.


Using sleep chambers engineered for this purpose

These sleep chambers meet and exceed all human biological AND psychological requirements for deep sleep.

THE SCIENCE: for humans the best sleeping is in a comfortable, cool, dark, quiet place, where you feel safe and secure and is free of interruptions.

They are made of solid wood and finished with tung oil. Nothing is toxic. Research indicates that people feel better in nature surroundings versus man made surronudings. Additionally wood allowed a sleep chamber design that will last a minimum of 100 years with minimal upkeep. Which means in 100 years they will look and work just like a new one would. Wood is strong and will support enormous weight and survive heavy impacts! Wood's insulating properties though low, makes one persons body heat enough to survive in cold surroundings such as prolonged power failure. Anyone can make one for less than $2000.00 AND a very significant amount of their own labour.

  • 1- quiet -reduces sounds that interrupt sleep.
  • 2- dark inside
  • 3- comfortable - head is adjustable and one persons body heat is enough to stay warm during prolonged power outages.
  • 4- safe and secure - very strong

Good Food

Science shows that food is a primary key in keeping a human body and mind functioning at it’s best for the longest time possible. Good food is broadly defined as “if I does not go bad within 7 days, it is NOT good food". Good food needs to be freshly prepared. Good food includes vegetables (with emphasis on green leafy), fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and some fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy. And spices particularly turmeric, ginger, freshly ground black pepper, who all provide significant benefits. Sweeteners are honey, maple syrup, date syrup, grape syrup and sugar. Bottom line you eat foods that provide a wide array of macronutrients and micronutrients with emphasis on bioactive components found only in plants.

Preferred participants

13 couples in total

The preferred participants are couples where one has dementia and the other does not. The setting for this study would be in one house big enough to house all the study participants and their partners for four years. The person or couple offering their house for the four years is guaranteed admission. Others will be selected to ensure a distribution of stage 1 thru stage 3 dementia sufferers with a partner who is reasonably able bodied. Longer term couples are more desirable as they can detect changes in each other more reliably. Couples owning their own homes and willing to rent them out for four years are prime candidates. This is how you fund your participation such that you are not out of pocket. You simply switch houses for four years and the rent pays your way. There is no other funding mechanism for this type of pure research where no company or person can patent, lay claim to, control or profit exclusively from what is learned. Any knowledge gained from this study will be public.

Additionally within the selected candidates it is okay if you have additional health issues such as arthritis or diabetes. All candidates and their partners need to understand all your health issues will be monitored for improvement or progression during the study. And you must agree to various researchers using you as a test subject. The fallout of that is you may get a fair bit of extra medical attention.

NOTE: Nobody with life threatening food allergies of any kind will be admitted. The study does not allow for person specific food preparation or differentiation.

The above allows

Us to ensure these two additional parameters come into play.

1. Good Company

Good company is just that. Having people around you that you can trust and rely upon and do things with. People who encourage you to do things, to think and enjoy, Not just sit or lay around doing nothing. Good company helps keep you mentally alert, feel safe and physically moving which helps keep you here longer.

2. Help keep you in Good Spirits

Good spirits occurs best when someone is feeling good all around. Being able sleep in peace and quiet is key to good spirits. When people feel safe and secure, part of a group, with little worry they begin to feel free which enhanses good spirits and helps push them to do things. Good spirits is strongly tied to living with people and good food and good sleep and a feeling of safety.

Thru this study we will find out

If this study proves beneficial then

We have a strategy to help solve these four major issues facing many cities around the world.

Do you wish to participate?
This study will be hosted in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area )

Then please contact me and tell me why you AND your partner want in.


If you or you and your partner want in and you want your house considered to be the study site.
NOTE: Your house must have a very large basement in good repair ( not dank and smelly ), capable of holding 16 or more rectangles measuring   1.9M/6.2' H    2.7M/9' W    2.7M/9' L