deep sleep study Richard Hirtle aka RickyMcMountain

Why involve yourself in a
Brute Force attack on Alzheimer's and a
Brute Force attack on Global Warming?

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Billionaires and wealthy
Why would you help?

I am looking for Billionaire couples from around the world who understand the trouble Alzheimer's (dementia) will cause and who understand that unless we deal with Global Warming quickly it will cause massive social upheaval and extinction.

Point 1. Alzheimer's (dementia)
Alzheimer's looks like it will lead to massive social, family and Government costs that will be very disruptive to civilization if it is not tamed. To date every single attempt to cure, delay or stabilize it has failed. The Brute Force attack incorporates all current thinking and adds deep sleep chambers. It is designed to find treatments that can be done at home.

This page details the Brute Force Alzheimer's study and the Billionaires Bunker,

Point 2. Global Warming
Right now the facts indicate that we are headed directly for near term extinction. The ocean's food chains are starting to fail. Leaving us a short window of time to fix this or it's over. No one will escape. Money and power will not help.

This page details the Global Warming FACTS.

Point 3. The natives are becoming restless
around the world. People are beginning to understand just how badly they have been mislead and the danger we are all in. This backlash could easily increase and cause massive unrest. This would be dangerous. You may want to think hard on this. Being seen as part of the solution is far better in the eyes of people than doing nothing.