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Brute Force attack on Global Warming
AND a Brute Force attack on Alzheimer's.

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Brute force attack on Global Warming
We will use FACTS so everyone understands just how dangerous a position we are ALL in.

Researchers, Ocean experts, Chemists, Mining and mineral experts. We will be asking for ideas on what all to do TO the Oceans. buffer, plant, remove and current ocean issues. Follow @RickyMcMountain for updates, help requests, and fact based pointers and ideas.

The Global Warming Beast is growing faster

The correct term is Global Warming. It is not climate change! Global warming is what causes your local weather to slowly change over time. Climate change is what you see happening because of Global warming which is too much Co2 in the atmosphere.

Every ppm of Co2 we add to the atmosphere adds 1 new blanket over the entire planet to trap more heat.
1 ppm Co2 = 1 Co2 Bl (Co2 blanket)


Remember Co2 blankets stay on and continuously trap heat until they are removed.

In the previous 800,000 years earth had 152 to 280 Co2 blankets. This means 1 particle of Co2 in 6578 other particles of air (not including moisture) to 1 particle of Co2 in 3571 other particles of air (not including moisture). 1/6578 to 1/3571 That's the range of Co2 that allowed the earth's climate to remian steady over the 800,000 years.

400 Co2 blankets were last seen 2-4 million years ago (1/2500 ) when the Sun was less intense and the Oceans where 60-80 feet (16-24 meters) higher. There is no correlation between our 400 Co2 blankets and those of 2-4 million years ago. So do not let anyone fool you into believing 400 Co2 blankets are okay. They are not!

in 50 years from Jan 1959 to Dec 2009. We added 71.8 new Co2 blankets at the rate of 1.436 Co2 blankets per year. Co2 blankets went from 315.62 to 387.42

In 4 years Jan 2010 to Dec 2014. We added 10.2 Co2 blankets at the rate of 2.55 Co2 blankets per year. Co2 went from 388.71 to 398.91

In 4 years Jan 2015 to Dec 2018 we added 9.49 Co2 blankets at the rate of 2.49 Co2 blankets per year, Co2 went from 399.98 to 409.47. NOTE: 2017 economic slowdowns resulted in a slowdown in Co2 emmissions too.

From Jan 1959 to Dec 2018 We added 93.85 Co2 blankets 1/3168 up to 1/2439

We are adding Co2 blankets faster

You can see how 93.85 more Co2 blankets since 1959
helped the Global Warming Beast.
Just look around the world. Find anyone whose local weather has not changed?

Oceans food chain is starting to fail

Our seas & oceans are dying. The surface water layer is now 30% more acidic and becoming even more acidic, in many areas.

oceans and seas are dying

Oceans are big carbon sinks absorbing excess Co2 which lowers ocean ph levels (more acidic). Pteropods which are small pea sized shell creatures (top of who gets eaten) are very badly effected right now. Their survival limits are being reached as are the survival limits of many other shelled creatures. Many cannot make their shells well nor can they maintain their shells very well anymore. When they die off or their numbers are greatly reduced many small and young fish will have no food and set off a chain reaction of many other larger sea creatures having no food and die off too. All the result of ocean acidification, the absorption of too much Co2. The problem Is not yet Ocean wide, however it is growing rapidly. When anyone say's some sea creature is not effected, make sure that includes the reproducing of their young being unaffected too. When researching set a current date range 1/1/2016 to now.

Atmospheric Co2 data source Hawaii

Remember Co2 blankets stay on and continuously trap heat until they are removed.

Additional issue: Garbage and plastics.

Garbage and plastics it’s crimminal how much of our trash is in the ocean. Animals become easily entangled and trapped in garbage, and it can destroy delicate sea life like coral and sponges. Sea turtles and dolphins often mistake plastic bags for food which chokes them or clogs their digestive system. Garbage and plastics kill massive amounts of marine life.

Additional issue: as temperatures increase ocean water becomes more stratified.

This makes it more difficult for cold (which is warming too) nutrient rich deep ocean water which is still able to absorb more Co2 to reach the surface & for oxygen to reach the lower depths of the oceans. Result: slowing ocean Co2 absorption rates. There is only one solution, reduce planet wide heat and keep the cold areas like the arctic frozen. Which can only be done by lowering atmospheric Co2 levels so the planet can vent the excess heat.

Remember Co2 blankets stay on and continuously trap heat until they are removed.

researchers, students, follow @RickyMcMountain for updates, research and skill requests.

Media, entertainers, writers, get the facts out and demonize bad thinking. Follow @RickyMcMountain for updates

The "WE" media.

The ‘WE’ media must make the entire planet understand just how dangerous a position we are all in. Alzheimer's is a family and financial disaster. The facts about Global Warming say we are on a direct path to extinction in the near future.

Everyone needs to understand that human extinction begins very soon. The Global Warming BEAST puts us in that extreme danger by Itself.

ADD Alzheimer’s plus massive numbers of retiree’s living so long that they run out of money guarantees an imminent financial disaster for many families and all Governments.

Those are the big 3 that HAVE TO BE FIXED & these can best be fixed by planet wide ‘WE’ thinking.

Entertainers, writers, radio, TV, podcasters. Demonize these with humour and facts.

say global warming is a hoax & science is all wrong. Anyone still thinking this way is factually uneducated, or paid to be stupid and ignor facts.

say I will be dead before this all happens so I do not care. The lowest of low moral character.

do not think ‘we’ causing civilization to lose sight of what matters, cause integrity to disappear, encourage bad behaviour to flourish and degrade civiliizations to extinction.

spew idiotic thoughts which often have nothing to do with the thinking at hand. This pulls thinking sideways which stalls forward thought progress.

stupidly say their small effort will have no effect & do nothing, thus creating other Zilch-oids. They do not understand "billions of small efforts equals massive total effort". They help our extinction by breeding inaction. They are planet killers.

are constant no’s & can’ts because, because, because & stall thought. They cause others to give up in dismay or despair. They stall or skew civilizations proper direction and advancement. Very bad.

Saying Yes +but.. An idiotic evolutionary caused use of logic - called 'the niggly'. It degrades thought. Yes-buts pull thought downwards, often to why it cannot be done. So nothing advances. Yes-buts damage the thinking process of everyone. Yes and... heads thought upwards and solutions. Yes-buts pull thinking downward towards exctinction.

Wha-tiffies constantly spew ‘what If’s’ "something bad happens". They stall upward thinking & sow confusion. Often giving ZERO credit to everyone’s common sense.

Obvi’s state the obvious & stall thought & often give ZERO credit to common sense.

Demonize these types of thinking. Give them no print, no TV, no social media, give them no voice. Demonize with humour. Those types of thinking are of no use in any situation. Throw all those types of thinking into the past where they belong!

Learn oopsify: polite swearing

That oops-uck is such a pain in the oops-an-us. I cannot believe we have all been so oopsd. They are all such oopsers. Why and how the oops-hit did we allow ourselves to become so oopserated and put up with such oopsplopper behaviour. Do they all think we cannot see the facts as they really are? I am oops-ucking tired of being told that oops-hit is actually good for me and the explanation is so full of oops-hit it's not funny.

Practice your polite swearing. It is quite therapeutic.

Always keep in mind.

Happy people do not do bad things. They just do not do them, ever. And happy people help out more.

What we need to become are

We look only forward.
We think for the future.
We act for the future.
As we know we have to live in that future.
We use only facts and pointers, and never fiction, in our thinking. Thought-ites are the power of ‘WE’

Help requested from companies and individuals

Will you help?

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Media entertainers writers
Everyone needs to understand just how dangerous a position we are all in, that our extinction has begun, we are in the middle of the 6th extinction. Demonize with humour the Wha-tiffies, Obvi’s, Degrade-ites,Me-Me’s, Neander-dolts, Zilch-oids, Dead-oids

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As outlined in the video $12-15 million is needed to do the study here. Billionaire's do not put money into my account.

GTA area Doctor's researchers and students. Those with good ideas or who are prepared to do the work and gain the experience. Follow @RickyMcMountain and watch the video and read the other sections of the site.