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Alzheimer's study:
Testing and investigating a cure using deep sleep chambers, good nutrition and situational psychology to increase natural brain cleaning and repair, to cure, reverse, or slow progression of Alzheimer's (dementia) and other disease in a manner that can be done at home.

NOTE: this is NOT a drug trial.

Study question: Do deep sleep chambers + good food + feeling safe and secure increase the bodies brain cleaning system & repair? What impact on Alzheimer's and other diseases is seen?

Subjects: 25-30 retired people selected such that 50% exhibit various stage dementia along with other diseases including diabetes and arthritis.

All will receive near identical nutrient input in a setting inducing the feeling of safety and security and use sleep chambers engineered to encourage deep sleep.

Why this study?

We all know people who have dementia. Yet we still have no concrete plans to deal with huge numbers of dementia patients. We just do not know what works long term. We do not know if dementia can be reversed or slowed. To me and many researchers it is quite clear that dementia and a host of other disease is related to deep sleep, nutrition and very importantly related to the psycholological feelings of safety, security and lack of worries. Thus this study.

Sleep study Overview

This study that will answer the question. Can brain disease (Alzheimer's in particular) be slowed, stopped or reversed in patients who get nightly deep sleep, sound nutrition and who psychologically feel safe and secure. This study will lead to strategies people can do to treat dementia on their own. It will also show whether seniors do better overall in the study setting versus other types of seniors residences.

This is a four year study. It brings together knowledge from Sleep Science, Physiological science and Psychological science to define all the requirements for deep sleep (the only phase of sleep where brain cleaning occurs). Common nutrition provides static nutrition intake.

The science

Deep sleep

Deep sleep is a special state of sleep. It is the only state of sleep where your brain starts a special cleaning and repair process This btain cleaning and repair process is completely unlike any other cleaning and repair process in your body. That's what we want to encourage.

Science strongly suggests that lack of deep sleep causes the brain to clog which causes dementia and other motor control disease and issues. Additionally science strongly suggests that diabetes, weight gain, cancer and a host of other ailments are directly related to lack of deep sleep. Science says: Anyone not obtaining adequate deep sleep is more open to disease.


Using sleep chambers engineered for this purpose

These sleep chambers meet and exceed all human biological AND psychological requirements for deep sleep.

THE SCIENCE: for humans the best sleeping is in a comfortable, cool, dark, quiet place, where you feel safe and secure and is free of interruptions.

They are made of solid wood and finished with tung oil. Nothing is toxic. Additionally wood allowed a sleep chamber design that will last a minimum of 100 years with minimal upkeep. Which means in 100 years they will look and work just like a new one would. Wood's insulating properties though low, makes one persons body heat enough to survive in very cold freezing conditions such as prolonged power failure. Anyone can make one for less than $2000.00 AND a very significant amount of their own labour. NOTE: Please wait in building one yourself. In order to encourage deep sleep these chamber have very specific requirements. Full engineering and CNC progrms will be up on the site for you to download in 90 days from start-up. Do not guess the deep sleep chamber requirements you will miss the mark.

  • 1- quiet -reduces sounds that interrupt sleep.
  • 2- dark inside
  • 3- comfortable - head is adjustable and body heat is enough to stay warm during prolonged power outages in freezing temperatures.
  • 4- safe and secure - very strong

Good Food

Science shows that food is a primary key in keeping a human body and mind functioning at it’s best for the longest time possible. Good food is broadly defined as “if I does not go bad within 7 days, it is NOT good food". Good food includes vegetables (with emphasis on green leafy), fruits, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and some fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy. And spices particularly turmeric, ginger, freshly ground black pepper, who all provide significant benefits. Sweeteners are honey, maple syrup, date syrup, grape syrup and some sugar. Bottom line you eat freshly prepared foods that provide a wide array of macronutrients and micronutrients with emphasis on bioactive components found only in plants.

Good Company

Good company is just that. Having people around you that you can trust and rely upon and do things with. People who encourage you to do things, to think and enjoy, Not just sit or lay around doing nothing. Good company helps keep you mentally alert, feel safe and physically moving which helps keep you here longer.

Help keep you in Good Spirits

Good spirits occurs best when someone is feeling good all around. Being able sleep in peace and quiet is key to good spirits. When people feel safe and secure, part of a group, with little worry they begin to feel free which enhanses good spirits and helps push them to do things. Good spirits is strongly tied to living with people and good food and good sleep and a feeling of safety.

Preferred participants

13 couples in total

A thought
"Is my health and my partners health likely to be better after 4 years in this study or by continuing to do what we are doing now?"

The preferred participants are couples where one has dementia and the other does not and who want to help move knowledge forward. The setting for this study will be in one house big enough for all the study participants and their partners. Participants will be selected to ensure a distribution of stage 1 thru stage 3 dementia sufferers with a partner who is reasonably able bodied. Longer term couples are more desirable as they can detect changes in each other more reliably. Couples owning their own homes and willing to rent them out for four years are prime candidates. This is how you fund your participation. You simply switch houses for four years and the rent pays your way. There is no other funding mechanism for this type of long term pure research where no company or person can patent, lay claim to, control or profit exclusively from what is learned. Any knowledge gained from this study will be public.

Additionally within the selected candidates it is okay if you have additional health issues such as arthritis or diabetes. All candidates and their partners need to understand all your health issues will be monitored for improvement or progression during the study. And you must agree to various researchers using you as a test subject. The fallout of that is you may get a fair bit of extra medical attention.

NOTE: Nobody with life threatening food allergies of any kind will be admitted. The study does not allow for person specific food preparation or differentiation.

Thru this study we will find out

This study will be hosted in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area )

If you wish to participate

Please contact me when applications open again.

If this study proves beneficial then

We have a strategy to help solve these four major issues facing many cities around the world.

"Billionaire's Bunker thinking" starter questions

This is a deep sleep dementia study. However, it's structure and duration allows for additional research.

NOTE: this is NOT a drug trial nor is it planned to be one.

Brain: is brain volume changing?

Nerves: are nerves regenerating?

Question Brain microbiome, has it changed?

Intestines What changes happen to the intestional micobiome? Does the intestional microbiome remain individual unique? Does the group begin to effect the individual microbiome and become more similar to each other?

Pancreas Does the pancreas exhibit enhanced regeneration? Does each pancreas have it's unique microbiome and has it changed?

Question What changes to the lymphatic system are seen? Is there a correlation with observed cardiac health? Does each lymphatic system have a unique microbiome? And has it changed?

Leukocytes What effect on leukocytes are observed?

Spleen Is the spleen doing a better job of red blood cell sizing and removal of unhealthy, old, and misshapen red blood cells from circulation?

Does each spleen have it's own unique microbiome? Has it changed?

Thymus Is the Thymus response rate improved? Is the Thymus showing regenerative signs? Does each thymus have it's own unique microbiome and has it changed?

Adrenals ?

Pineal ?

Pituitary ?

Thyroid ?

Skin What skin diseasea are changed?

Blood ?

Heart ?

Vascular ?

Bronchi ?

Lungs has lung function improved?

Kidneys Are kidney functions enhanced?

Are bladder problems incontinence reduced?

Cardiac Is heart function changing?

Bones Are bones becoming denser, weaker or no change?

Billionaire's Bunker option.
Target 20 Billionaires.

From Ricky For those interested in being a Billionaire's Bunker member. First and foremost I am looking for your thinking, and working together as a group, not your money. For each, my estimate on first year money is about $2 million for initial set-up, then a bit later about $3-6 million for a specific project use that I want to keep secret untill the group is assembled. The next monies are because of something you or you and the group decide to find the answer to. That's the monies! You and your partner have your own deep sleep chamber for good at no additional costs. Come and go as you please.

The Billionaire's Bunker option requires a larger and permanent place to hold the study in.

You would need to agree that all findings become public knowledge. Additionally you should be full particpants for the first one to two weeks. This so you can think from both knowledge and experience and you could stay part of the study itself and benefit directly in a slightly different manner given your beebopping around the world.

A thought for Billionaire's interested in space travel Knowing the structure and function of the human biome would help keep space crews healthy for long voyages. It would help spot disease before it takes hold. To fully understand this may include determining the normal sounds the micro biome for a specific organ makes and what a diseased one makes. Could disease be cured simply by micro sound? We don't know, yet we could find out. Any Billionair's Interested?

A thought for Billionaire's interested in Dementia Learning more about the brains own specialized cleaning and repair system such as what is the optmum nightly duration of deep sleep. What activity or food enhances or degrades brain cleaning and repair. This knowledge would lead to lifstyle's that may completely evade dementia and other diseases. And them there is the brain's own micro biome that needs to be understood.

That's the type of research that would be of interest to all.

A thought! Learning how-to with the elderly gives us guidelines on how advanced the disease can be and still improve.

NOTE: this is NOT a drug trial nor is it planned to be one.

If the study shows that seniors do better using the study environment then Step 2